Easter Treats Gone A-Rye

It’s Easter – be ambitious and create disasters!!!


Do you ever go online and find recipes that give you the warm fuzzies? That make you go.. awwww, that looks so nice and fun! Well, I discovered you can make homemade Cadbury cream eggs from home in the spirit of Easter. Why the eff not right? This is the website that romanticized this beautiful idea:


She made it look and sound so easy. She did not warn us of the detriments that we might face in the process. Basically, the bitch lied.

The only good thing that came out of this experience was licking the chocolaty pot and Prity’s awesome photography skills. She’s recruited ;).



Anyways… there were some shortcomings to this “project.”

Chocolate… everywhere… smooshed egg.. everywhere… oh, the travesty!

It sounded so neat with the pretty sounding intricate ingredients: Lyle’s syrup (suck it, Lyle) and orange blossom water, and vanilla beans… but with weird ingredients come horrible outcomes.

I suppose my first mistake was not having powdered sugar. I used a grinder with normal granulated sugar and you’d think at first glance, it would not produce a grainy texture that sugar has.



However, mixing this with the other ingredients and tasting the mixture (it’s a prerequisite to sample what you’re making… shut up don’t judge me!) it seemed to have a sandy texture; as if you’re literally biting on granulated sugar – WTF I GROUND YOU, SUGAR. HOW THE HELL DID YOU GO BACK TO YOUR STUPID OLD SUBSTANCE!?

However, apparently this isn’t a unique situation. Neha and I were baking cupcakes last night and I used proper powdered sugar and it turned out grainy. I looked online and there’s a specific brand you need that won’t bind that way. Either that or these m****f%^#ers just chemically rebel in my presence.

Looks smooth, right? NO! NAHIN!


We decided to continue anyway. Look how happy and naive I look. Nidhi, your Easter world is about to fall into pieces.


Anyways, We dyed the egg “yolks” and rolls them into balls and that seemed pretty successful. They had to be stored in the freezer to solidify so they don’t become soft and melt. It said 15 minutes in the freezer… bro, 24 hours in the freezer wouldn’t help when you’re dipping it into HOT melted chocolate. Anyways, naive Nidhi rolled those little cuties (the egg balls were cute, I named each one in my head.. Dustin was a mischievous bugger) and stored them into the freezer.

IMG_1112 IMG_1133

“Just stick the eggs onto toothpicks, dip in the chocolate and stick into a potato and let stand till dry.” She said,

If only it were that easy!!! If only.. I’m not crying.. I just have something in my eye.

The eggs slipped off of the skewers and began melting in the warm chocolate. It got messy.. really messy. We did this one by one to prevent melting but it wasn’t so easy to avoid.





Poor Lindsay Lohan wasn’t able to keep it together.. typical.

We decided to lay out wax paper on a pan and let them dry in the fridge to give the eggs a chance. We tried a couple, they were good but we couldn’t get past the graininess of the sugar. I’ve done some research and apparently you must use confectioners sugar made of pure cane sugar with high ratio shortening. Thanks, google.

IMG_1154IMG_1152 IMG_1156

Anyways, if you think you’d like to try this out and it is successful – let me know your stupid talents and wizardry so I can learn for the next time 😉

It’s nut and gluten free!

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1/2 cup of Lyle’s golden syrup (or corn syrup)
  • 6 tbsp of butter
  • 3 drops of orange blossom water (you can find it at any Loblaws or middle eastern store – it’s used in baklavah)
  • 1 vanilla bean (seed removed – this is optional)
  • 3 cups of powdered sugar – do some research before purchasing
  • 12 ounces dark chocolate chips/or bittersweet chocolate
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 mantra or prayer for good luck

In a bowl whip butter and then add syrup, salt, orange blossom water, vanilla beans (if using) and vanilla extract

Add powdered sugar and mix till completely smooth. If you have an electric mixer, even better!

Place 1/3 of entire mix into smaller bowl and add yellow colour dye until your desired “yolk” colour is achieved

Freeze both bowls for 15 minutes in freezer until mixtures are rigid (cover with wrap)

When mix is thoroughly chilled, remove from freezer.

Squish yolks into 1/2 tsp sized balls and put onto a pan and back into freezer.

Roll one tbsp of whites and roll into a flat, pancake-like shape and one by one remove a yolk from the freezer and wrap it with whites

IMG_1139  IMG_1136IMG_1135 IMG_1131 IMG_1126 IMG_1123

Return to freezer. The instructions say to leave it in the freezer for 10 minutes but I would say at least an hour to let them thoroughly chill.

Temper chocolate or melt (add canola oil if you’re melting in the microwave – it just won’t have that crunch when you bite into them)

Stick toothpick/skewer or use tongs if you struggled like myself and dip into chocolate. Try not to let the egg sit in the chocolate for too long or the little bastard will melt and make a chocolate sugary mess in the bowl… not that it happened to me…

If you can accomplish this (well done) with toothpicks, stick one end into a potato (or whatever) to let eggs air dry. If you’re leaving it on a pan transfer to freezer or fridge immediately so that the eggs doesn’t melt and flatten on the pan.

After this is all done, have a nap. You deserve it.

If you try this let me know how it goes!!

Peace in ❤


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