15 Day Challenge


Hello, sexual.

So, I have been slacking on this blog.. I’ve been posting “when I have time” but that has been depleting my excitement of cooking and creativity.

SO.. for the next 15 days I will cook AND post something STARTING TODAY.

I am writing this as a promise more so to myself… because I’ve always had the type of personality that when it is written.. it MUST be done.

I have a busy, busy schedule but if Julie in Julie & Julia can do it… so can I!

So.. shoot me your ideas for what I can do for the next 15 days…

Anonymous Hot Girl.. I’m talking to you.

My life schedule from today to April 22nd

Sunday April 14:

11:30am – 1pm: gym

1:30pm – home: eat and brainstorm next few days of cooking/baking

3:15 pm – 4:30 pm: Train

5pm: grocery shop

6:30pm: Make Mint Oreo Squares…

8pm: blog’r

9pm: prepare tomorrow’s lunch



6 am: Meditate (I accidentally wrote “medicate”.. that’s quite the Freudian slip)

6:30am: breaky

8am: worky

4pm: home

4:15pm: cook/bake

6pm: work

7pm: train

8:30pm: blog


What an exciting life I live!!

Also, when I say train.. I’m training for a Muay Thai tournament in June… I’m going to be kicking some ass so wish me luck!!

Blog ya in a few hours

Peace in ❤


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I love cookies.

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