A Quick Note: Monday’s Medley

Picture quality is poor.. mainly because I was eager to devour this sexy bowl of awesomesauce.


It was so yummy and wholesome I couldn’t help to post a quickie.

Since stir fry master Matty J is here we cooked just another stir fry. As per usual it was delish so I’m saying “BLOG!!”

The basics:

Boil half a cup of quinoa – don’t let it cook too much where it binds together.

While deep frying tofu (optional) in light seasoning; in a separate skillet toss any vegetables you want, some sliced potatoes, and black beans.

Stir in 1 cup of vegetable stock for taste

toss in tofu (after letting a paper towel soak the oil), diced pineapple and quinoa.

Mix in whatever sauce of your choice and feast.

I love me some Monday Medley.

Good night and till tomorrow – I pwomise ❤

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I love cookies.

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