Day 6: Apple Cranberry Treats!

Good afternoon!! (or evening, possibly)

I’m doing my happy dance because this is my first very own recipe that isn’t a knock off of someone else’s work! It’s inspired,but its my own :). Weeeeeee! Introducing my version of red velvet cakes made of cranberries and apples


It was a tasty treat that wasn’t too sweet and full of natural goodness. The base of this recipe can be used as a granola bar, a fruity brownie or a frozen treat.

I have two versions of this – one that is nut-free (made with oats and rice crispies) and one that is nut-full.

Unfortunately I have only attempted the nut-full version so far. I will tackle the nut-free one tomorrow – and as promised to my broseph, it will be chocolately.

What you need:

1/2 cup almonds

1/2 cup walnuts

1 cup oats

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup flax seeds

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/2 package cranberries

1 apple (diced into tiny chunks)

1 tbsp cinammon

2 tbsp brown sugar (optional)

3 packages stevia (optional)

1 frozen banana (ice cream topping)


PH oven 375*

Start by cooking cranberries (throw a sliver of lemon to allow some flavour to soak


Drain (save drained water), set aside cranberries.

Cook apple pieces in cranberry juice with cinnamon and brown sugar (if using). Cook for ten minutes until soft and liquid becomes thick, almost completely evaporated


In a food processor, grind oats, almonds, walnuts, chia/flax seeds, vanilla extract and stevia.  Grind until fine and pour into bowl.


In this step I threw the cranberries and apples in the food processor along with “dough” mixture but then decided it would have been best to bind them together without the processor, allowing the cranberry chunks to be thicker for taste and not pureed. Because it’s pureed is what gave the treats the “red velvet” look… It’s up to you.


Mix apples/cranberries into dry mix and mix until everything binds well. Transfer to baking pan, flatten and bake for 30 minutes (broil if you want it to be a hard texture). If you’re intending on them being granola bars, cut them into squares/rectangles beforehand.

In the mean while, if you’re making cold treats, make some banana ice cream:

Use this is a topper for the cakes and it tastes delicious. 2 options:

Top the ice cream onto the cakes and freeze (or enjoy fresh.. equally yum)


Serve cakes warm and have the ice cream along side :D…. fine comfort food.

If you don’t have a vegan preference… I recommend using a cream cheese based icing.. I’m drooling at the thought.


I hope you try it out and let me know how it is!

Till tomorrow, with some nut-free goodies.

Peace in ❤

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3 responses to “Day 6: Apple Cranberry Treats!

  1. well that just looks delicious =) thank you for linking back to my article!

  2. Thanks for commenting, your blog looks fantastic! I love reading about holistic lifestyle/cooking.

  3. Mommy

    The most delicious Apple Cranberry treats – Nidh – hope you will create this creation again – i am taking small bites so that it lasts longer ….the best treat ever

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